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We all have a story. What's yours?

Everyone’s story is unique & no ones story is neither better nor worse to some degree, is it? At the end of the day, stories just are.

People’s stories are simply their stories & I love to hear them, I love to tell them. I love to listen to the unique way a person’s story has unfolded & what I love even more is when I watch someone become more conscious of being the narrator of their own story. There are so many perspectives to life in this world. Those perspectives, as most of you know, are shaped by life experience. A person that has often been abandoned in life will often view the circumstances of their life from that framework. Perhaps it creates the perspective of “everyone leaves” — so they never fully engage or perhaps it’s “everybody leaves me” and then they cling. That’s just one example of the way in which a persons life experience can frame their perspective. Sometimes the stories sit deep in the body too — but that doesn’t mean that it has to always be like that, does it? I often feel like there is always the opportunity to navigate that space with fresh eyes. Perhaps a perspective shift may require a lot of work, cleansing & healing, but I feel like it is surely possible. Connecting mind, body & spirit are key, in my learning. Sometimes there’s a lot of deeper subconscious work that needs to be done but those tiny steps are the sparks that gets the fire burning. It’s often a process of being mindful, for me. A process of becoming the conscious observer of behaviour & reaction. That’s where it begins. The art of learning to be mindful, whether that is being the witness of love or discomfort, simply having an observers eye creates groundwork for shifting perspectives to a more fulfilling or empowering one. How have your life circumstances created your life perspectives & worldview? Have you connected your body to your emotions? Have you allowed spirit to be heard?


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