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Stop to smell the roses, with a Prayer

Have you stopped to smell the roses? Paused to appreciate your moment on this Earth? Have you felt the presence of grace and tuned into the field of potentiality that may perhaps exist for you? To become intentional about the energy you bring into the world and your worldly interactions? Especially the one you have with your own self and all it’s facets? If life is swaying you in an unknown direction, do you still remember to come back into the present moment and feel into your heart space — perhaps to say a prayer? Perhaps to hold a moment of gratitude for something that you ARE grateful for? For something that you have managed to navigate “successfully “? Hand on heart: “Great Spirit, I don’t know where you are leading me, but I will soften into the space of trust and love. I am here now in this moment and I thank you for allowing me to Be. I trust in this moment that I am being led onto the path that is for my greatest and highest good.” And as much as I am an advocate for feeling through Ones shadows and surrendering to discomfort when it shows up — I am also an advocate of remembering joy. Of remembering the simple pleasures, the moments of the now. The way the sun kisses my skin, the way a cold breeze lifts my hair and caresses my cheek. I remember to cultivate presence. I remember to dig into the moments of love, to see a dragonfly shimmer as it flies in the air, a leaf fall from a tree, a bird soar through the sky. I remember to listen to nature — to the ease and grace it reminds me to reflect on. It does not rush — it’s just is. So I remember to also Be. Nowness, presence — heart space. Love.


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