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About Amalya 

Amalya Kharisma, also known as Kharisma Ra is an Australian-born Woman, Mother, Creatress, Educator and Holistic Counsellor of mixed Indonesian/European ancestry. Her upbringing entailed a blend of Eastern philosophy and mysticism within a Western society, pathing the foundations of who she has become today and what she stands for.

For most of her life, Amalya found it difficult to decide between following an Eastern philosophy to life or to fully conform to a contemporary Western lifestyle. Within her inner struggle to identify her truth, Amalya realised it was the blending of the cultures that resonated most deeply.


Amalya's life experiences have created conditions for the passage she now travels;  she has enabled herself to gain wisdom from everything that has come across her path - positive, neutral or negative. An avid fan and practitioner of Narrative therapy interventions, she has used the notion of "re-authoring" her own story to her advantage. 

Formal Qualifications:

  • B.Arts in English and Theatre & Performance Studies (UNSW)

  • Graduate Diploma of Counselling (ACAP) - PACFA accredited 

  • Certificate of Achievement - Mindfulness - Monash. 

School of Life:

Amalya learned many mature lessons at a younger age than some, consistently holding an observational eye in the way humans functioned since she was a small child.

In her early adult life, she studied formally for 5 years- completing a Bachelor of Arts at the University of New South Wales, completing a double major in Theatre & Performance Studies and English (in the direction of becoming a Drama/English Teacher - she almost completed her combined degree with a Bachelor of Education, but the yearning for travel was strong - life had other plans. So, to finish with something she settled with a B.Arts).

Whilst completing her B.Arts/B.Edu, Amalya found herself studying an array of subjects that have impacted her life; such as metaphysics, womens studies, indigenous studies, educational psychology including topics such as: the history of nightlife & metropolis, creative arts to astronomy

Amalya has always been passionate and enthusiastic to learn and understand the complexities of being human & the nature of reality but as a young adult was unsure of how it was all supposed to come together.

It then became the 'School of Life' that moved in to become her deepest teacher.

After studying for many years, whilst simultaneous working for almost 7 years within the Market Research industry- "climbing the ladder" from an Interviewer, Team-leader to Supervisor; she didn't feel aligned in a corporate industry, finally deciding to take off to India for a trip that would change her life. 

Goa, India

India became a turning point within her life; a connection to ancestral frequencies that she'd always intuited. She met her soon-to-be-daughters Father on her first trip in 2010; who was a travelling Artisan from South America, they fell in love and she took a leap of faith into following her heart (and him). It was in the rise and fall of this relationship that she learned some hard truths about herself and life. The eventual destruction of the relationship and the shift into becoming a solo parent became a catalyst into understanding more of herself and a part of her 'life purpose'.


Amalya led a nomadic lifestyles whilst creating and selling handmade jewellery.

On the road she learned many lessons about life; most potently within the realms of becoming and being a Mother.

Amalya spent much of her time informally studying ways of being & healing, such as Reiki in the Himalayas, shamanic principals next to the Arabian Sea and diving deeper into Esoteric and Eastern philosophies/concepts throughout her travels.  

At markets and via selling on the streets, she connected with people from all sorts of backgrounds, whilst selling her crystal jewellery; realising that she was actually very passionate about helping others live more fulfilling lives. Coming about through many discussions about symbols found in jewellery she sold to the energetic properties of crystals and crystal healing.

Through the demise of her relationship with her daughters Father, in connection with other significant and influential life experiences, Amalya decided to ground down, commit to deeper healing & cultivate a sense of stability in her hometown of Sydney, Australia.

She completed her Graduate Diploma of Counselling at the Australia College of Applied Psychology, and a Certificate in Mindfulness with Monash to compliment her studies & teachings. Amalya realised though, that the core principals of 'mindfulness' were the basic of her Eastern philosophical upbringing and culture, bringing her into deeper consideration of what it means to "decolonize" - an important aspect she is still shifting through but an advocate for.

Amalya has taken a deeper focus on holistic interventions and modalities, such as Mindfulness, Narrative, Creative and Transpersonal modalities; all of these aspects tuning into Mind, Body, Spirit facets.   

The deeper Amalya has gone into her own healing, the more she has learned how incredibly potent holistic therapies are and how essential natural healing modalities are to the overall wellness of humanity. 

As the journey continue for Amalya, she now offers virtual 1:1 Guidance & Support sessions, continues to create handmade jewellery and is always in the process of creating more offerings to give back to those that find value within her work.

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