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Bookings are currently closed in early 2024

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Seeking some holistic guidance
& support in your life at the moment?

It's not always so simple finding someone you can trust when looking for extra support in your life; it's a whole process within itself, I get it. 

This is about you & your journey and I want you to know that I fully respect & honour that. My role is merely to support & guide you - that's my specialty.


Let me introduce myself properly.

My name is Amalya Kharisma & I'm a Qualified Counsellor with a Holistic & Spiritual approach to the process. That doesn't mean I get you to think like me! But it does mean that I'm open, understanding & knowledgable of these aspects when it comes to the healing process - allowing me to better guide and reflect back to you, your ideal pathway. Many of my clients come to me because they feel comfortable knowing I'll be able to hold that kind of space for them to explore.

1:1 sessions with Amalya can assist you with some of the following:

  • Recover/recreate empowering storylines for your life story & identity.

  • Compassionately uncover repressed or suppressed baggage and carefully integrate these feelings into a more easeful way of living.

  • Learn to make more aligned choices.

  • Live in your authenticity and purpose.

  • Cultivate practical ways of integrating and Being. 

  • Understand and learn to manage your energetic connection to Self, Other and All. 

  • Develop a more nourished way of living. 

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So, what is Holistic Counselling?

Holistic Counselling is about viewing the Self as a whole; connecting aspects of the mind, body and spirit. The intention behind working with people on a holistic level is to provide practical methods and tools for dealing, managing and coping with the various dimensions of the human experience. To me, life is a sacred experience and it is a joy, passion and service of mine to assist others in cultivating this sense of sacredness within their own lives. 

Counselling is not just for crisis moments in life. It can be a support system for you to be able to live the life that you want, to move through any blocks or stuckness that might be getting in your way. 

What is my approach?

Besides approaching people's journeys from a holistic level, there are practices, interventions, modalities and ways of moving through this space. In the conventional world, this is called an integrative approach; which is a way of utilising, implementing and tailoring modalities to suit the unique state of each person-seeking-therapy.

The main modalities that I use and take deeper interest/study in are:

Mindfulness, Narrative, Person-centred, Transpersonal, Creative, Somatic, Motivational, Strength-based, Behavioural and Psycho-educational. 

This will always be from a trauma-informed and culturally-aware lens.

What are my offerings?

I offer 1hr long 1:1 Virtual Guidance and Support sessions.

These sessions may take the form of Holistic Counselling, Coaching, Psychospiritual Consultation or Mentoring. 

These avenues will often be met organically when you have laid out your intention to me. You are always in charge of what we talk about and with my skill and training, I merely reflect back to you what it is that you appear to be seeking. 

Sometimes this might look like becoming clearer on your intentions/goals and how to take action steps, sometimes it might look like accountability. Sometimes you might just need to be heard, seen & validated. 

No matter what, the space is entirely dedicated to you and your process and I will always do my best to guide it into the direction that will be most fulfilling/nourishing for you; in honour of the highest, most benevolent energy of loving awareness.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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