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Sacred & spiritual symbolism of jewellery

In contemporary times jewellery seems to have become something more about consumerism and materialism rather than someone's deeper connection to themselves. I know there were times where I have just worn jewellery purely as a form of decoration, which is fun and enjoyable too but as I've grown older I've become a lot more connected to what I put on my body and how it interacts with my energetic field & what it symbolises to me.

Sometimes I feel myself being drawn to particular metals or use them on my body for specific purposes. As an example, silver is known to be a precious metal that has connection to the feminine and the emotional body. I find it's something that I enjoy wearing for its connection to these psychic, watery elements. Other times I enjoy to wear the colours of brass or gold because they are known to be metals that have the ability to attract, as well as other features that interplay with the different elements of the physical vessel too.

A labradorite necklace from my handmade pieces

When it comes to gemstones and the like, I have such a variety of stones in my collection that all serve a different purpose for the different spaces I find myself in, energetically. For example, at one time I had a strange encounter with someone and I felt that my energetic boundaries had been violated. The feeling stayed with me for a while, so to give myself some extra energetic protection I decided to swap over to silver jewellery and wear Labradorite to help deflect any negative energetic attention. Whether or not you actually believe these elements can have such effects doesn't truly matter, I think even just the mental space of feeling that protection, is protection within itself.

I find that choosing jewellery to wear out each day is a time where I can practice tuning into my intuition too and utilising the feeling centres in my system, such as the sacral and third eye chakras. Usually I'll pick some pieces and either hold them in my hands to tune into whether it's the right energy for the day or not. Sometimes I'll try it on and feel how it feels on my body too. It's also important to note that sometimes I'll need to cleanse the crystals if they've been sitting around gather dust or for other various reasons. I like to cleanse with different smoke cleansing products or sometimes I'll let then soak up some direct sunshine when possible. They're my favourite ways. If I lived closer to a natural body of water, I'm sure I'd give a lot of my jewellery more cleanses there too! (Be aware of whether your stones can go in water though, especially salt water. I know things like Selenite and Kyanite aren't good in water!)

I just want to finish off todays blog post with some thoughts about the way past generations used jewellery. I know that ancients like the Egyptians, Native Americans and Chinese (and cultures throughout the world) have always found spiritual energy that comes from adorning oneself with these things and then you have numerous other cultures and traditions that have always held value over the things that they put on their bodies. Amulets and Talismans have probably existed since the human begun wearing things like clothes. I think it is an innate connection that we humans have with the Earth and with that, should continue to value these aspects of living -- making every day count as one that is sacred.

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Lots of love, Amalya


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