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Pondering the matrix

How do I understand “the matrix”? On a personal level? From a very young age I was educated on Eastern thought and my philosophical upbringing was very much based on Ancient Indian Mysticism. [My Father used to read me bedtime stories from a book called “Tales from the Mystic East” (they weren’t really for children but I enjoyed them.) I find it was not a coincidence that he was deep into his spiritual journey whilst I was a child. His journey influenced my life substantially.] One of the concepts in Ancient Indian mysticism is called “Maya”, which can be found in the Vedic texts connoting to all that which is “unreal” or illusionary — dream-like. Where that which is “real”, is the Absolute. There are branches of meaning to this idea but that’s how I learned it (in a nutshell, of course). This is how I have always wandered through life and why my life choices and journeys often reflect that. When I am faced with life decisions, I often reflect back onto the fleeting nature of existence and allow that to guide my movement, as well as being conscious of the karmic influence. In today’s world, I often find this concept relates very much with the notion of “the matrix”, which these days is commonly discussed, I guess inspired by the films. A basic understanding of being within “the matrix” is related to the systemic structure of the physical world, which I certainly believe to be true but on a personal level, I believe that “the matrix” is actually this physical shared reality, not so much about whether you are a part of “the system”. I feel perhaps there are layers and as you uncover one layer, you’re led to another. I often think to myself, that as long as we’re in these flesh-suits, sharing this projection of “reality” then we are in “the matrix”, we are experiencing “Maya”. So what then, is beyond that? And how is it possible to get a glimpse of the Absolute? 😉😅 Is it possible to experience dying whilst living? 😝


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