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The practice of Embodiment

An abstract concept, in many ways. What does it mean to ‘embody’ something? How? Well, that’s the practice, isn’t it? Learning how. Embodiment is experiential, which means it’s something that needs to be experienced, otherwise it’s just theory.

No one else can do that for you.

Reading a manual on how to drive a car does not mean one will immediately know how, once they jump in the drivers seat. They may use the guided information from the manual to know what’s what but the ultimate embodiment of become a driver is practice and experience.

So then, it is to innerstand that on a broader scale with the many different elements and facets of life.

What is it that you would like to embody?

How would you begin practicing that?

How would it look to begin experiencing the thing that you so desire to embody?

Step by step.

I often find doing mini experiments with self. Eg: want to be abundant? Start BEING that.

What does abundance do? It gives. Start practicing the art of giving (which does not have to be physical of monetary); as Chopra’s ‘7 Spiritual Laws of Success’ mentions even giving in the way of silent prayer is a gift.

Same goes with the concept of love, embody this concept: how does it look like to BE love.

Experiment, experience, practice, embody.

With love,



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