"The journey of life can be a painful and difficult one, that is a truth that I won't deny. As I've grown older, into a Mother, a Counsellor, an Educator and practitioner of Holistic and Spiritual wellness, I've gathered, learned and cultivated tools and practices that may be helpful for others.

A part of what I like to think as my 'dharma' is to be in service to others, through my offerings. My life is dedicated to learning in order to assist. Some of those lessons have been harsh throughout life and some have been heart-warming. I seek to offer whatever I can, whether that is through working 1:1 with me, through the crystal jewellery I create or through my musings, the aim is always to assist others on their journey and bring more ease. 

I will be a life-long student of all these crafts and many more and as much as I am forever a student, I realise I am also a teacher, guide and support. Everything I do comes deep from my heart and soul."

-Amalya Kharisma

1:1 sessions

Amalya is a qualified Counsellor and life-long student of ancient philosophies, metaphysics & mysticism. 

Blending and integrating an East-meets-West framework, Amalya

dedicates her life to holistic health and wellness.

She offers virtual 1:1 sessions that provide support and guidance to those seeking assistance on their journey through life.

Work with Amalya

Kharisma Ra Creations

Jewellery & Healing tools

Amalya has been hand-creating healing crystal jewellery since 2011, originally a way of sustaining a nomadic lifestyle. She noticed that when she sold these creations to people, it often involved therapeutic conversation, becoming one of the factors that led Amalya to a deeper calling of becoming a qualified Counsellor. Now she creates collections that invigorate healing energy to the wearing. 

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