Working with Amalya

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Amalya (BArts/GradDipCouns) is a qualified Counsellor trained at the Australian College of Applied Psychology (PACFA & industry-accredited institution) and a natural intuitive, with a life-long personal background in Eastern & ancient philosophy, mysticism and therapeutic modalities. She believes that people are ultimately the experts of their own lives and merely acts as a support and guide to her clients. 


Amalya follows a holistic framework with the people that she works with, incorporating the essential elements of mind, body and spirit. She believes in the interconnectedness of these three elements and aims to assist others in learning how to optimise a more fulfilling state for themselves.


Each person is unique in their personal design and life experiences, ultimately forming the way in which they experience and perceive the world. Amalya caters to each client on an individual basis, where no two cases are the same.

Therapeutic interventions will vary depending on the clients needs, intentions and unique circumstances. Some of the main modalities & interventions that Amalya has personally developed and taken deeper interest/training in are: Mindfulness, Narrative, Person-centred, Transpersonal, Creative, Existential, Motivational, Strength-based, Behavioural and Psycho-educational. Implementing these modalities/interventions will always be in a holistic manner, depending on case by case basis. 

*Please note:

Amalya always fully honours her clients personal values and belief systems and does not enforce her own beliefs, values or advice onto her clients. Amalya commits to a space where she illuminates and reflects back the clients personal values and how these aspects can be strengthened and empowered for each individual. Suggestions tailored to each clients presentation may be discussed within session as tools to cultivate personal practices. 

Some areas Amalya specialises in (but are not confined to):

  • standard holistic counselling for general life challenges and events; holding a non-judgemental and heart-focused connection.

  • holistic wellness concepts of mind-body-spirit; integrated and blended understanding of Eastern philosophy & mysticism with a focus on how to incorporate that into a Contemporary Western lifestyle.

  • holistic grief work; whether looking at bereavement situations or significant losses in life. Issues related to "loss"; may be recent or earlier in life.

  • navigating focused mental health; remaining trauma-informed, whilst spiritually attuned.

  • "re-authoring" personal narrative 

  • navigating and understanding "shadow work" and "light work" - can include energetic boundary work, inner child challenges/issues, personal blocks, intergenerational issues, insight into finding 'purpose', etc.

  • connecting with higher self and intuition - including methods, tools and exercises.

  • how to recognise projections and insecurities; how it may be clouding judgement and intuition.

  • how to gracefully take on self-responsibility and self-accountability.

  • dealing with stagnant habitual patterns and working toward organically shifting those. 

  • support and assistance learning and dealing with metaphysical and transpersonal aspects of self & reality.

  • deeper guidance on the "spiritual" journey - catered to clients unique and personal belief systems (Amalya does not push her personal beliefs onto her clients, rather, she gently guides her clients to recognise their own truths and own personal path).

If any of this resonates with you or sounds like something along the lines of what you're currently seeking; here are some options for you:

Option #1

One-off virtual 1:1 guidance & support session (holistic counselling):

Initial Session $99 ~ on going per session $79 AUD

One-off sessions may be useful for someone seeking immediate support or guidance with a pressing challenge within their life. Some people may only require one session to gain clarity on a certain matter or it may create a space for you to "test-the-waters" with Amalya for a future therapeutic relationship (that is up to your discretion).

You are not held by any obligations in booking more than a one-off session but also note that therapeutic relationships often require multiple sessions, as one session may only reach the tip of the ice burg. Building a therapeutic relationship over time can have many beneficial results. 

Option #2

Trinity package - 3 x 1:1 guidance & support sessions
(holistic counselling) bulk booking:
$222 AUD 3 x session

The Trinity Package may be a good package for those that are ready to make a on-going commitment to their personal processes and have decided that they are ready to work more deeply with Amalya. You do not have to have had any previous sessions with Amalya to book in for 3 x sessions and it can be considered an honouring of oneself by committing to an on-going process.

The Trinity Package is also aimed at on-going clients who have already been working 1:1 with Amalya and want to save a little money by pre-booking a few bulk sessions in advance. From experience, Amalya often observes that there is an organic shift that happens within a the time-space of 3 x sessions. 

Spiritual Mentoring 

Tailored packages depending on your individual and unique needs

(Investment ranging from $600AUD +)

Minimum time frame of mentoring begins as an 8 week commitment with weekly- fortnightly or monthly virtual check-ins, depending on individually catered structure.

This package is tailored to your needs and circumstances. 

Spiritual mentoring is a more focused and structured approached to a healing journey. Amalya maintains a heart-based empathic stance as a Counsellor and the client still remains the expert of their life but the process is guided in a more structured way, with an emphasis on spiritual education and practices.

These practices are secular in nature, meaning that they are not necessarily related to any particular religion or spirituality but allow a client to connect to their own sense of spirituality with the assistance of broad symbolic movements to honour Self, connection to nature and the natural;

 going along the path of what may be considered an 'inner pilgrimage'. 

There is also a Western integration of contemporary western psychological practices and knowledge that Amalya incorporates, whilst still maintaining a holistic stance, such as the inclusion of 'narrative therapy' interventions and understanding of behavioural/developmental elements etc.

Along the mentoring journey, the focus will be related to different cycles within life and the elements. The journey will incorporate 1:1 sessions to work through dominant stories and agreements whilst connecting to journaling and ritual, which work as symbolic gestures to personal process and connection to the sacred. These process take into consideration the cognitive shifts that can occur with the embodying of these practices.

The client is always in control of which direction they'd like to go; Amalya merely acts as the guide on this 'inner pilgrimage'.

The mentoring processes guides one through their energetic body in stages; from root chakra to crown chakra (and beyond)- incorporating and engaging in different practices that stabilise these areas and the elements such as fire, air, water, earth and ether. Practices that assist a person in working through blockages within these areas and becoming clearer on own personal practice, intentions and life direction


A deeper commitment is somewhat required for the mentoring process, which is not commitment to the Mentor but commitment to Self and taking on the healing work with a thirst to go deeper. The journaling process and 1:1 sessions will assist in uncovering any hurdles, blockages and resistance and it is the intention to allow the processes to unfold organically. 

If you are interested in learning more about this process and what it entails, please contact Amalya for more information and a free 20 minute zoom consultation can be scheduled to see whether this type of process is what you're seeking and whether it resonates with you.

Amalya only takes a limited amount of mentoring clients.

Serious enquires only.

Payment plans available too.

Option #3