Quartz, Afghan Turquoise and Moss agate necklace.


A necklace created to bring back vitality to the wearer with it bright connection to the blue tones of the turquoise, the calming nature of moss agate and the amplification of positive energetics with the quartz. 


A beautiful one of a kind peice. 


Turquoise is associated with wholeness, communication and spiritual expansion. It aids in communication and has traditional been associated with good fortune throughout various cultures around the world. It can assist in restoring the spirits of someone feeling depleted and bring about a deeper sense of inner wisdom. 


Quartz is a natural master healer "solidified light" and an amplifyer of energy; bringing the wearer a greater sense of clarity.


Moss agate is associated with the heart centre, bringing forth a greater connection to nature and earth energy and greater sense of calm.


Adjustable size on waxed linen and polyester cord. 


Reserved for Mari - Vitality Quartz and Turquoise necklace