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A very special piece with Black Tourmaline at the centre, Prehnite, Pyrite, Apatite, Green Garnet and Tiger eye.


A strong piece that holds very protective energy for the auric field. A piece that aids in psychic insight and ongoing expansion within the physical and unseen world.


Black Tourmaline:


Purification, protection

Earth element.

Base, root chakra.


Known for its protection energy, especially within the psychic realms. Helps to keep auric field clear. Clears disharmony and negativity — can be known as a “vacuum” of negative energy, which means it usually requires on-going clearing (eg.smoke cleanse, intentional energy clear), as it’s been used as a tool for energetic protection. It can help to bring in more grounded energy.



Inner Peace, union of heart and the will, communication with non-physicals

Each And Water element.

Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras


Linking the heart with the will , it help the heart take action with confidence.

Helps to quiet restlessness, nervousness and worry.

Personal power.

Cooling and grounding. 

Reflective and calm.




Masculine energy that helps with manifestation.

Action, vitality, willpower, creativity and confidence.


Solar Plexus energy. 


A stone said to help with mastering fears and taking assertive action.

Promotes spiritual positive attitudes, banishes negative energy and helps to create strong resolve.


It promotes immediate vitality, enhancing ones willpower, assisting overall health and bringing forth positive energy. A stone that can also stimulate creative energy and things that require discipline, commitment and persistence. 


Green Garnet (Grossular):

Prosperity and health.


Solar Plexus and Heart chakras.


A stone said to hold natural grounding energy and assist in abundant manifestations. 

It can boost confidence and help shift energetic patterns bringing higher achievements into reality. It is not just for material abundance but abundance of health and creativity— this comes through especially through its grounding nature.


Teaches the spiritual facets of abundance, helping to shift any scarcity of financial anxieties.


Tiger Eye:

Tiger’s Eye is a stone made of a composition of silica and iron. The darker aspects of this stone is the mineral hematite holding a deeper grounding energy in combination with its warm brown-yellow tones giving it a fiery upward energy.


It is helpful for excessive worry, depression, fatigue, pain and inflammation. It helps to strengthen issues of the solar plexus eg. Confidence and allows ones ability to shift and separate turbulent thoughts into clarity. As a person works through delicate issues, it helps to keep one grounded in such work, moving through layers of buried emotions. It helps to promote feelings of adequacy. 


 Tiger’s Eye is a stimulating stone, bring action, vitality and protection. It assists in navigating the various polarities and brings more energy into the material world. 


A harmonising, fortifying stone, assisting one’s will, confidence and enthusiasm. 

Time Weaver

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