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Cowrie Shells, Amazonite and brass beads on adjustable cord. 


Cowrie Shell:

The Cowrie shell has traditionally been known as a spiritually protective and talisman of good luck in a variety of cultures throughout the world, especially within a variety of African cultures and Indian traditions — especially relating to Goddess Lakshmi. 

It brings good fortune, abundance, fertility, sexuality and creative energy. 

It is connected to Goddess energy of the ocean, bringing with it the great strength and power of the ocean.




Truth, Communication, harmony.

Water element. 

Heart, Throat Chakras.


A stone of harmony, within oneself and with other people. Assisting communication to a person that might get over-emotional. Helps in manifesting dreams and desires. A magnifier of intention. 


Stimulates the heart and throat chakras. Allowing personal truth to be communicated in harmony. Setting of appropriate boundaries.


Speaking and living in highest truth.

Spirit of the Mystic III

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