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Super Seven


A mix of Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, Rutile, Smoky Quartz, and Quartz.


A stone of the spirit realm and of knowledge. Said to be a high frequency stone that assist in uncovering spiritual knowledge about self, such as past life memory.

Help to channel deeper wisdom and clear inner blocks on the spiritual journey.




Psychic activation, access to knowledge.


Throat & Third Eye chakra.


A cleaning stone especially for the auric field but also on the mental body. Helps with lucid dreaming and psychic perception. A stone of inspiration and access to other dimensional fields such as the Akashic records. An uplifting energy, that helps to sooth as well as reveal hidden knowledge and wisdom.




Wholeness, expansion, communication and spirituality.




Helps to stimulate the throat chakra and harmonise the energy, in order to communicate clearly and bring forth wisdom. It helps to bring about an overall sense of serenity and peace and has the capacity to heal the emotional body, relieving stressful situations and better focus. 

It helps with bringing more compassion and heightening one’s emotional intelligence; bringing forth the wisdom of a persons life experiences. Stone of self-acceptance and a tool of the Divine.

Spirit Bracelet

PriceFrom $22.00
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