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Sleeping Beauty Turquoise at centre, Prehnite, Moss Agate with sterling silver and silver plated beads. 

Adjustable size.



Wholeness, expansion, communication and spirituality.




Helps to stimulate the throat chakra and harmonise the energy, in order to communicate clearly and bring forth wisdom. It helps to bring about an overall sense of serenity and peace and has the capacity to heal the emotional body, relieving stressful situations and better focus. 

It helps with bringing more compassion and heightening one’s emotional intelligence; bringing forth the wisdom of a persons life experiences. Stone of self-acceptance and a tool of the Divine.



Inner Peace, union of heart and the will, communication with non-physicals

Each And Water element.

Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras


Linking the heart with the will , it help the heart take action with confidence.

Helps to quiet restlessness, nervousness and worry.

Personal power.

Cooling and grounding. 

Reflective and calm.


Moss Agate:

Stability, persistence, grounding.


Root and Heart chakras.


A stone the emanates wholesome energy that can benefit any type of person but especially assists those with feeling an over-all sense of balance and stability.


Very helpful in manifesting as it assists the wearer to visualise the overall goal in its achievement. 


This is a deep healing stone in the etheric realms, great for abundance work. Supportive to the energetic and physical body.

Sky & Forest

$108.00 Regular Price
$75.60Sale Price
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