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Rose quartz with Morganite and sterling silver beads.

Adjustable size. 


Rose Quartz:

Love, gentleness, emotional healing, release of stress, uniting with the Divine. 

Water element.

Heart Chakra. 


A stone of love for oneself and for others. Activates loving energy in the auric field. Helping the heart to heal and reawaken trust for the Divine. Release of tension and stress.

A talisman of Love.

Soothing stone, clearing emotional body an stabilising the heart. Calming the mind and expression of love.



Divine love and compassion.

Water element.

Heart chakra.


A stone related to love but not just focused on self-love and worldly love — A stone that brings deeper connection to Divine love. Helping to release stagnant pains and sorrow, bringing in a deeper sense of ease and Divine compassion.

Roses Glory

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