Matahari (SUN) brass pendant collected from travels through the streets of Kathmandu, Nepal. On a mission to find beautiful and symbolic pieces, I would search high and low through the little jewellery and supply stores in Kathmandu to find unique pieces.

This Sun pendant was found in a little brass shop near the Kathmandu Durbar Square, a historic royal complex in the centre of Kathmandu, on the road known as "Freak Street" which was a historic place for "hippy" travellers during the 1970s onwards.

The symbolism of the sun brings a warmth to the wearer and deep protective energy as the golden rays of protective light surround the wearer. There are also two pieces of Green Garnet, which also a warming stone for the heart and solar plexus. 

Other beads are brass and wood. Adjustable in size. Waxed polyester.

Matahari Sun necklace