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Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Tigers Eye, Labradorite - brass and wood.




Magic, protection.

Wind element

All chakras.


Considered a stone of magic, labradorite awakens the wearers inner magical powers — meaning the mental and intuitive aspects of a person. A stone of adventure, it also offers protection for the aura, against intrusive negative energy.

It is said to activate the inner eye and it chatoyance (sheen) is known to deflect negative energy. An ally for those that deal with the metaphysical world.




Protection, purification, divine connection, release of addictions.

Wind element.

Third eye, Crown, Etheric and beyond chakras. 


A stone with an ancient legacy, Used by ancient cultures in amulets for royalty and protection.

Spiritual protection in the etheric realms, it is said to assist in releasing negative habits and patterns. It is said to help shield the energy field to ward off negativity in one’s environment.


It is said to stimulate the intuitive and psychic senses, assisting one’s spiritual expansion. 

Really helps with the nervous system and releasing stagnant patterns. 


Lapis Lazuli


Inner Vision, truthful communication, royal virtues

Wind element

Third eye, throat chakras


A stone used by ancient cultures, especially within ancient Egypt, Greeks and Romans.

In traditional Buddhist beliefs, it was considered stone to bring inner peace and freedom from negative thoughts.


A stone of royalty and spirituality. Awakening the inner ‘King’ of Queen. Activating the psychic senses within and activating visions and speaking the highest truth for the best intentions - visionary awareness. Helps to guide one’s consciousness beyond conditional barriers. A stone of Sovereignty.


Tiger Eye


Tiger’s Eye is a stone made of a composition of silica and iron. The darker aspects of this stone is the mineral hematite holding a deeper grounding energy in combination with its warm brown-yellow tones giving it a fiery upward energy.


It is helpful for excessive worry, depression, fatigue, pain and inflammation. It helps to strengthen issues of the solar plexus eg. Confidence and allows ones ability to shift and separate turbulent thoughts into clarity. As a person works through delicate issues, it helps to keep one grounded in such work, moving through layers of buried emotions. It helps to promote feelings of adequacy. 


 Tiger’s Eye is a stimulating stone, bring action, vitality and protection. It assists in navigating the various polarities and brings more energy into the material world. 


A harmonising, fortifying stone, assisting one’s will, confidence and enthusiasm. 

Lovers II Bracelet

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