Lapis Lazuli and Carnelian necklace. The main feature of this piece is the deep blue Lapis Lazuli stones, as the main pendant and the beads throughout. With two noticable Carnelian beads to soften and ground the energy of the necklace.


Lapis is a stone that has been sacred and royal for thousands of years. It has been used thorughout the world in many cultures as a piece reserved for royalty and still maintains this Regal energy. 


It is a stone related to the third eye and intuition and is not only said to be highly protective but a stone that is also great for a person that is connecting to their spirituality. It is also known to have a cleansing quality about it, assiting the movement of re-vitalising energy from the liver to the kidneys. 


Carnelian is another revitalising stone that is related to the sacral chakra, providing a deeper connection with a persons vital force, which comes from the sacral region. It helps to bring confidence, refocusing ones energy. 


Adjustable. Brass material. Waxed polyester cord. 



Lady Lapis