A truly one of a kind piece, never to be recreated. 

A combination of ancient symbols and stones. 


Green scarab and brass ankh, collected from my travels in Egypt -- straight from the source. This piece was deeply inspired by ancient Kemet (Egypt) with the symbolism speaking of life and rebirth, blossoming in the cycles of life.


A true art piece where the Ankh at the bottom symbolises the key to life and the feminine and masculine principles of creation, which hangs off of a green scarab beetle, known to be a symbol of death and rebirth -- the green relating to rebirth of the heart (the centre of one's being), this then moves up to the infinity symbol which is reminder of the on-going and neverending cyles of eternity. 


The stone beads on this piece are:

Moss Agate - grounding and stabilising, connection to nature.

Turquoise - clear communication and protection

Sodalite - order and calmness


In combination with brass and wood.

Adjustable in size.

Waxed polyester cord.

Kemet's Wisdom