Tiger's Eye pendant in brass, with Carnelian and smaller Tiger's Eye beads. 


Tiger Eye:

Tiger’s Eye is a stone made of a composition of silica and iron. The darker aspects of this stone is the mineral hematite holding a deeper grounding energy in combination with its warm brown-yellow tones giving it a fiery upward energy.


It is helpful for excessive worry, depression, fatigue, pain and inflammation. It helps to strengthen issues of the solar plexus eg. Confidence and allows ones ability to shift and separate turbulent thoughts into clarity. As a person works through delicate issues, it helps to keep one grounded in such work, moving through layers of buried emotions. It helps to promote feelings of adequacy. 


 Tiger’s Eye is a stimulating stone, bring action, vitality and protection. It assists in navigating the various polarities and brings more energy into the material world. 


A harmonising, fortifying stone, assisting one’s will, confidence and enthusiasm.



Carnelian is a red-orange type of chalcedony stone. It has been used for thousands of years as a protective and energising stone. It is said to assist those that have some type of depleted energy, particular issues surrounding the sacral chakra (eg. Fertility issues, postnatal etc) and helps to bring Qi up again. Assists in letting go, releasing anxiety and emotional trauma. 


With Fire and Earth Energy, it is said to convey the ability to look at one’s life with compassion, reflect on one’s boundaries and begin to change.


Carnelian is said to increase ones life force energy, especially focused on lower chakras. It is said to bring courage and is one of the most helpful stones for manifestation, as it makes the actions one needs to take clearer and gives stimulation to goals. As it is mostly associate with the sacral chakra, it brings in creative energy, which is why it is popular as a fertility stone because it stimulates the birthing energy, although ‘birthing’ can be redirected toward other projects not simply creation of human life.


Wood and brass beads.

Adjustable size.

Waxed waterproof polyester cord.


Grounded Visions