A unique one-of-a-kind mix of Red Jasper (at centre), Carnelian (orange gem) and Mookaite Jaspe (yellow, redish, white beads). 



Red Jasper:

A stone to enhance one’s stamina and endurance. It helps to increase one’s life force from the root up. It invigorates blood stagnation, calming one’s Shen energy (which is known as the spiritual energy in TCM). It supports re-birthing times of life, as it grounds the spirit and calms the mind, strengthening the root chakra. Helpful for times of change, breaking up stagnant energy. 


Mookaite Jasper (Mook Jasper):

Mookaite Jasper is a stone found in Western Australia, that comes in a variety of colours, with white, red, orange and yellows hues. It is a stone deeply connected with Earth energy, connected to the root, solar plexus and third eye. 


It is a stone known to assist in intergenerational healing, slowing the ageing process — activating deeper aspects of the mind and genetic memory. It helps to clear ancestral lessons and unhealthy patterns.In it’s connected to the Earth, it awakens one’s natural connection and grounded essence. Specifically helpful for issues related to the brain and nervous system.



Carnelian is a red-orange type of chalcedony stone. It has been used for thousands of years as a protective and energising stone. It is said to assist those that have some type of depleted energy, particular issues surrounding the sacral chakra (eg. Fertility issues, postnatal etc) and helps to bring Qi up again. Assists in letting go, releasing anxiety and emotional trauma. 


With Fire and Earth Energy, it is said to convey the ability to look at one’s life with compassion, reflect on one’s boundaries and begin to change.


Carnelian is said to increase ones life force energy, especially focused on lower chakras. It is said to bring courage and is one of the most helpful stones for manifestation, as it makes the actions one needs to take clearer and gives stimulation to goals. As it is mostly associate with the sacral chakra, it brings in creative energy, which is why it is popular as a fertility stone because it stimulates the birthing energy, although ‘birthing’ can be redirected toward other projects not simply creation of human life.


Waxedwaterproof polyester cord.

Adjustable in size. 

Wood and brass beads. 



Grounded Spirit