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Mexican Amber at centre, Prehnite, Amazonite & Aventurine with Sterling Silver Beads.

Adjustable in size.




Light, warmth, solar energies, clarity, healing.

Earth element.

Solar Plexus chakra. 


Brings a warmth to the spirit and energy field. Protection. A solar energy that is comforting and gives a sense of health and well-being. A vibration of organic life, connect to natural elements. Helpful to those healing from illness and helps to manifest prosperity. 


A purifier, to transform negative and stagnant energies. Ancient knowledge and can help stimulate a remembrance of lineage & DNA memories. 


Solidified sunlight — bringing in light energy. Cleansing and healing.



Inner Peace, union of heart and the will, communication with non-physicals

Each And Water element.

Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras


Linking the heart with the will , it help the heart take action with confidence.

Helps to quiet restlessness, nervousness and worry.

Personal power.

Cooling and grounding. 

Reflective and calm.




Truth, Communication, harmony.

Water element. 

Heart, Throat Chakras.


A stone of harmony, within oneself and with other people. Assisting communication to a person that might get over-emotional. Helps in manifesting dreams and desires. A magnifier of intention. 


Stimulates the heart and throat chakras. Allowing personal truth to be communicated in harmony. Helps with the setting of appropriate boundaries.


Speaking and living in highest truth.


Aventurine - Green:


Vitality, growth, confidence. 

Water and Earth element.

Heart chakra.


A stone of optimism and a zest for life. A push to move forward in new directions. A stone of good luck. Supports emotional and physical healing and energy balancing —releasing old patterns and lessons. Movement, clarity, hope and optimism.

Forest Dreams II

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