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Chrysocolla at centre, Pink Tourmaline, Tibetan Turquoise and African Turquoise. Sterling silver and silver plated pieces. 

Adjustable size. 



Communication, Expression of the sacred, goddess energy, gentleness and power.

Water element.

Throat, Heart and root chakras.


A stone of empowerment with feminine energies to benefit both man and woman. Associated with the Goddess, as it tunes into ancient wisdom and brings rise to sacred power within. Helps to clear communication issues, bringing out one’s inner wisdom. Helps deeper connection with the Earths energy, is encouraging and a stone of teaching. Releases stress and calms energy related to stress and anxiety.


Pink Tourmaline:

Love, emotional healing.


Heart chakra.


This stone is related to matters of the heart. It helps to repair holes in the heart regions auric field, helping to remove obstacles such as attachments or past abuse issues. 

It can assist with bring more calm to issues such as depression and anxiety. 

Helps to clear and purify ones being, especially emotional patterns that are no longer helpful to ones being; calming one’s energy in order to take action. 



Wholeness, expansion, communication and spirituality.




Helps to stimulate the throat chakra and harmonise the energy, in order to communicate clearly and bring forth wisdom. It helps to bring about an overall sense of serenity and peace and has the capacity to heal the emotional body, relieving stressful situations and better focus. 

It helps with bringing more compassion and heightening one’s emotional intelligence; bringing forth the wisdom of a persons life experiences. Stone of self-acceptance and a tool of the Divine.

Etheric World

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