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Tibetan Turquoise, Chrysoprase and African Turquoise with brass pieces.

Adjustable in size. 



Wholeness, expansion, communication and spirituality.




Helps to stimulate the throat chakra and harmonise the energy, in order to communicate clearly and bring forth wisdom. It helps to bring about an overall sense of serenity and peace and has the capacity to heal the emotional body, relieving stressful situations and better focus. 

It helps with bringing more compassion and heightening one’s emotional intelligence; bringing forth the wisdom of a persons life experiences. Stone of self-acceptance and a tool of the Divine.




Growth, compassion, connection with nature, forgiveness, altruism.

Water element.

Heart and Solar plexus chakras.


A stone of the heart and of healing. Connection to nature and helping to remain centred and have the courage to face difficult and challenging situations. 

Activating the heart and bringing will to the solar plexus; helping to move through emotional imbalances, bringing a deeper sense of healing and regeneration.

Enchanted Mystic II

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