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Charoite at centre with purple jade beads and brass piece. 




Revealing of one’s path of service,  helping the purging of inner negativity, protection, healing.

Wind element.

Third eye, crown, soul star, solar plexus, root, earthstar chakras.


A stone that is known to help purify one’s energy field, releasing negativity and unconscious fears. A stone that can help to activate inner knowledge and wisdom — helpful for those that are sensitive to energy and need assistance in remaining grounding and preventing psychic burnout.


Purple Jade:

Humour, spiritual knowledge, attunement.

Earth element.

Crown, Third Eye, Earth star chakras.


An excellent stone for purifying ones energy field and dispelling negative energy. It is said to enhance ones sense of protection , within humour and the Divine. It speaks of Earthly wisdom and helps to align one with their inner truth, enhancing discernment. 

It helps to enhance visions and perceptions outside of the 3D as well as protect the auric field.

Enchanted Mystic I

$108.00 Regular Price
$75.60Sale Price
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