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Amazonite, Chrysoprase and sterling silver bracelet, can also be worn as an anklet. Adjustable size. 



Truth, Communication, harmony.

Water element. 

Heart, Throat Chakras.


A stone of harmony, within oneself and with other people. Assisting communication to a person that might get over-emotional. Helps in manifesting dreams and desires. A magnifier of intention. 


Stimulates the heart and throat chakras. Allowing personal truth to be communicated in harmony. Setting of appropriate boundaries.


Speaking and living in highest truth.




Growth, compassion, connection with nature, forgiveness, altruism.

Water element.

Heart and Solar plexus chakras.


A stone of the heart and of healing. Connection to nature and helping to remain centred and have the courage to face difficult and challenging situations. 

Activating the heart and bringing will to the solar plexus; helping to move through emotional imbalances, bringing a deeper sense of healing and regeneration.

Dreamer bracelet/anklet

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