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Baltic Amber, Green Garnet, Peridot with brass pieces. Adjustable in size.


Increase, prosperity, warmth, well-being

Earth element

Solar Plexus/Heart chakra

Peridot has a warming solar energy, traditionally associated with the sun. It was used as protection against evil spirits, as a symbol of being a torch and bringing prosperity.

It is a stone of positive power, whilst also bringing attractive energies of warmth and harmony.

An energising stone, bring the wearing into the sphere of earth, bringing lightness and grounded harmony.; abundance and success.


Light, warmth, solar energies, clarity, healing.

Earth element.

Solar Plexus chakra.

Brings a warmth to the spirit and energy field. Protection. A solar energy that is comforting and gives a sense of health and well-being. A vibration of organic life, connect to natural elements. Helpful to those healing from illness and helps to manifest prosperity.

A purifier, to transform negative and stagnant energies. Ancient knowledge and can help stimulate a remembrance of lineage & DNA memories.

Solidified sunlight — bringing in light energy. Cleansing and healing.

Green Garnet (Grossular):

Prosperity and health.


Solar Plexus and Heart chakras.

A stone said to hold natural grounding energy and assist in abundant manifestations.

It can boost confidence and help shift energetic patterns bringing higher achievements into reality. It is not just for material abundance but abundance of health and creativity— this comes through especially through its grounding nature.

Teaches the spiritual facets of abundance, helping to shift any scarcity of financial anxieties.

Awakened Heart IV

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