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Peridot and Aquamarine with brass and wood pieces. Adjustable in size.


Increase, prosperity, warmth, well-being

Earth element

Solar Plexus/Heart chakra

Peridot has a warming solar energy, traditionally associated with the sun. It was used as protection against evil spirits, as a symbol of being a torch and bringing prosperity.

It is a stone of positive power, whilst also bringing attractive energies of warmth and harmony.

An energising stone, bring the wearing into the sphere of earth, bringing lightness and grounded harmony.; abundance and success.


Cooling, soothing, enhancement of clear communication.

Water element.

Throat and heart chakras.

Helps to activate clear communication of one’s highest truth. Assists in bringing one in touch with deeper emotions and spiritual parts of self. A relaxing energy, reminding oneself of inner knowledge and wisdom, being able to speak them into existence and truth.

A cleansing energy, that still remains soft, especially when connecting to the emotional body. Helping to balance aggressive or angry energy and bringing forth more clarity. A cooling stone to calm the emotions and spirit and assisting to speak clear truth.

Awakened Heart I

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