Burmite Amber pendant. Burmite Amber is some of the worlds most oldest Amber. In combination with Baltic Amber Beads, Green Grossular Garnet and Prehnite beads. 

Amber is a fossilized resin that has a strong grounding a healing energy, connecting with the Earth element. 

It connects with Light, Warmth, solar energies, calrity, protection and healing. 

It has been used for thousands of years in cultures throughour the world.

Amber brings the wearers a comfortable light and warm feeling within the spirit. It is nurturing and healing, activating a warm "interior climate". 

It is also said to assist the wearer in remembering and activating ancestral knowledge, which can be especially helpful when clearing ancestral patterns and debris whilst helping to purify one's aura. 

This piece also has a Prehnite (light green stones), which brings warmth to the heart, holding energy of abundance and good fortune. It also has some Green Garnet (grossular), that helps to bring hope, empowerment and abundance.


This piece is a one of a kind statement piece that is not to be re-created. 


Adjustable in size. Combiend with wooden beads.

Waxed polyester cord. 


Amber Light