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Black Tourmaline and Baltic Amber. Brass pieces.

Adjustable in size.


Black Tourmaline:


Purification, protection

Earth element.

Base, root chakra.


Known for its protection energy, especially within the psychic realms. Helps to keep auric field clear. Clears disharmony and negativity — can be known as a “vacuum” of negative energy, which means it usually requires on-going clearing (eg.smoke cleanse, intentional energy clear), as it’s been used as a tool for energetic protection. It can help to bring in more grounded energy. 




Light, warmth, solar energies, clarity, healing.

Earth element.

Solar Plexus chakra. 


Brings a warmth to the spirit and energy field. Protection. A solar energy that is comforting and gives a sense of health and well-being. A vibration of organic life, connect to natural elements. Helpful to those healing from illness and helps to manifest prosperity. 


A purifier, to transform negative and stagnant energies. Ancient knowledge and can help stimulate a remembrance of lineage & DNA memories. 


Solidified sunlight — bringing in light energy. Cleansing and healing.

Amber Healer II

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