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Moonstone at centre, Baltic Amber, Quartz and wood beads.

Adjustable size.


Moonstone (rainbow):


Mystery, self discovery, intuition, insight, dreams, the goddess.

Wind element.

Third eye and crown chakras.


Keeper of feminine mysteries. A talisman for the inward journey and meditation into the deeper self. Assists in clearing the psychic senses, bringing joy into one’s energy field. A positive protection stone. 


Emanating vitality and joy. A stone of inner softness and harmony, as well as psychic protection. Promotes healthy optimism, whilst enhancing grounded energy and centeredness.




Light, warmth, solar energies, clarity, healing.

Earth element.

Solar Plexus chakra. 


Brings a warmth to the spirit and energy field. Protection. A solar energy that is comforting and gives a sense of health and well-being. A vibration of organic life, connect to natural elements. Helpful to those healing from illness and helps to manifest prosperity. 


A purifier, to transform negative and stagnant energies. Ancient knowledge and can help stimulate a remembrance of lineage & DNA memories. 


Solidified sunlight — bringing in light energy. Cleansing and healing.




Programmability, amplification of one’s intentions, magnification of ambient energies, clearing, cleansing, healing, memory enhancement.

Storm element.

All chakras.


One of the most versatile and multidimensional stones with key properties of programmability. This means the stone can be infused with the wearers intentions and such intentions are said to become amplified. 

It is known for a variety of properties, because it can reach into all the different metaphysical elements — assisting with healing, expansion, clearing, cleansing, property etc.


It is said to stimulate clarity and clear seeing, assisting the light body. 

Amber Healer I

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