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What is being stored in your body?

Which part of your body is storing emotions? These are prominent questions to ask when on the healing path/journey because it goes hand in hand really. Obviously, this is not a simple concept able to be explained or expressed in a little post but it’s important stuff to consider.

A lot of my spiritual work earlier in life was associated with higher chakras, like the third eye and crown. These were areas I centred a lot of self-exploration around. Consciously detoxing and cleansing the third eye was a focus I went on a bit over a decade ago; it allowed clearer insight for me in the ethereal realms.

Work that I hadn’t put firm focus on was my womb, there have been waves of womb work but not like I’ve come to presently. The feminine aspects of my energetic wholeness hadn’t truly brought me to listening to my womb. It has taken a lot of opening my heart and clearing blocks around my heart to truly see into my womb (interconnected, of course).

“The womb is not a place to store fear & pain; the womb is a place to create and give birth to life” - Marcela Lobos.

So I’ve realised that there has still been a lot of pain stored in this region, creating self-limiting beliefs and blocking the flow of creative energy. It is incredible to tune into my womb and listen to the pain that is still held there, rippling out into other areas of my life. The process never ends, it continues to unravel and with ease and grace, I continue on this journey to reclaim my inner freedom.

With love, Amalya


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