A little welcome to you, dear reader!

Hello there fellow human, whoever you are. Thank you for coming to visit my musings content and I hope these blog pages will fill up with lots of interesting content! I have ALWAYS intended on creating a blog but for some reason I seem to overwhelm myself with what that means. I have over-complicated the process of creating pieces of writing for people in the real world to read and in doing so, stop myself from actually doing something I know will bring me joy, whether there is someone out there in the world reading these words or not! You have to start somewhere right?

So, today is a New Moon in Cancer, the second New Moon in Cancer for 2020. I am a fond follower of astrology and like to loosely follow the cosmic movements in order to align to the planetery shifts. With this cosmic movement I have felt determined to shift my life more directly into this online space and my own website that has all the different areas where I can expand: a shop, a blog, info about 1:1 sessions and I also have some other ideas dancing through my mind that I will create within and for this space too. I am honoured that you are here, reading these words and I hope that I can be of service to you in a nourishing way. Thank you for supporting me by just being here and reading.

My intention is to create both free and paid content for people that vibe with my style. I find it extremely important to have a variety of stuff to offer for free but I also need to value my time too (because, time IS valuable, isn't it) and I am also offering a service here too, which should be valued financially also. It's about finding that balance right and catering to a whole spectrum and variety of people.

I've been reflecting on what I "do" and I want to be honest with you, that I put a lot of time and effort into studying the human condition for my own personal enquiry but also to assist others. One thing I've learned about myself and that is a part of my "dharma" is to learn in order to teach. This is a massive factor for me and how I step into my authenticity. So, as I continue on this venture through life, I hope the things that I learn may be useful to you. I don't learn just to be like "oo, I know it all. I'm the best" haha. I learn becuase I find it valuable and as a collective sometimes people have these kinds of skills, you know? To be able to absorb and curate the information in a way that is helpful to others. I'm sure you, dear reader, have vauable skills too. I honour whatever those skills are for you too and hope that these words encourage you to take pride in your skills and cultivate them more deeply... and if you're unsure what those skills are, I hope that you begin to hear them whisper to you soon. Remember: what you seek, is seeking you. If you feel lost, call in clarity, call in assistance and perhaps put a little more effort into trying to hear when the little nudges come your way.

Ok! Well, I think this is long enough for a little introductory post, if you read this post, please feel free to comment and leave a message on what you might want to see in this blog space. Is that possible in these kind of blog spaces? To comment? I don't know, this website is a little new to me and working it all out, so bare with me and THANK YOU for being here, on Earth, with me and everyone else. Your presence has value.

Love, strength, grace and ease to your journey,


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