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Creating Sacred Space

Something that has always been important to me is the importance of sacred space. When I was younger, I always had a special space that was dedicated to things that I would deem as "sacred". I realise that this is something that has always assisted me in maintaining a sense of stability for my mind and spirit.

What does Sacred Space mean to you?

For me, it simply means a little nook in my house that holds an energy of peace and dedication to the Sacred.

When I used to travel a lot, that type of space would always be shifting and changing but I would always carry certain sacred objects that I would decorate my personal space with when I stayed somewhere for more than a few days. This always held the idea of "home is where the heart is".

Buddha figure, with white candle and red rose petals on an altar.
A little snapshot of what my altar looks like as I write this blog post, Ive got red rose petals surrounding Buddha to remind me to love, with a white candle to symbolise purity and serenity, as does the white rose and the healing energy of Amber pieces.

I remember when I started travelling more, especially around places in Asia, I noticed that these things were prevalent all over the place. As I write this, I get images of little altars in trees and flashes of memories of the way people put altars in their shops and in their houses. With incense burning, altar figures and statues, offerings and all of these beautiful aspects associated with sacred space, for me.

In todays world, with so much friction and change in the world, I think it is so important for people to create these kind of spaces more consciously. In my Journaling through Shadow Work e-guide (where you can find here: ), I discuss the process of creating a sacred space/altar for doing "shadow work" journaling. Simply a space dedicated to yourself or to God, the Divine or whatever it is that brings light to your heart.

I mean, you could say sacred space is everywhere though, which I certainly believe is true too but the real sentiment I am getting at is about becoming more conscious of this and cultivating practices that bring you back into the present moment and create that sense of "sacredness" within you. For me, sometimes that's just the simple art of sitting down with plants and herbs to make tea for myself. Sometimes that's where my sacred space is -- inside the seemingly mundane.

What does Sacred Space mean to you? How do you develop this sense of divinity in your life? Do you expect that to be something extravagant? How can you bring this sense of Sacred life into your daily practices? How can it be cultivated with simplicity into your daily life? How can life become ceremony?

Some things to ponder for you...

Much love, ease and grace,


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1 Comment

I am loving the idea of introducing the feeling of sacred in everything we do in life, especially the things that makes be connected to ourselves, God source. being aware of the sacredness in the little things, actions, practices is what makes life feel life like ceremony. The more the better!

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