Path of the Heart

An 8-week inner pilgrimage back to the heart.

A guided journey with Amalya Kharisma.

RESCHEDULED until Early 2022 date TBC

Becoming the Author and Meaning-maker of your own life is a way to take charge of the unique person you are. This 8 week journey is one that you will take within yourself, beginning in the direction of the South and journeying toward the rising of the Eastern Sun. 

A new dawn. 

"A pilgrimage is a journey, often into an unknown or foreign place, where a person goes in search of new or expanded meaning about their self, others, nature, or a higher good, through the experience."


What's involved?
  • 5 x interactive zoom session

  • private group forum

  • weekly PDF files with guided exercise for self-exploration

  • journey through main energy centres (chakras)

  • journey through 4 directions (from South to East)

  • journey through the internal elements within (fire, water, earth, wind, ether)

  • exploration/re-writing of personal narrative/blocks/stories

  • accountability/being "seen" within safe community

  • we will looks at things such as: intention, agreements, pain stories, resistance etc

Course Map (modules):
South (Module 1 - week 12) Root & Sacral Chakra  Earth Element ​ West (Module 2 - week 34)

Your journey will begin here

Amalya is professionally trained in group work for the therapeutic/healing spaces and has been taking individual mentoring clients through this process. She will be standing in the position of your Guide as you explore the internal elements of your personal narratives -- learning how to become more of the Author and Meaning Maker. The journey is considered a "wheel", as it communicates with the concept of the cyclical world. 

The journey will begin in the direction of the South and move through West, North and end in the East, where the sun rises and a new dawn begins.

Each direction will encompass a different theme, simultaneously working through the bodies energetic centres.

This course does not promise to radically change your life (although it certainly might) but it merely guides you back to the Path of the Heart.

As your guide, Amalya will be providing you with weekly PDF material, which may also include voice notes, exercises, meditations and material for reflection, shifting, changing and healing. This process has been thoroughly researched over many years and has been used for individual clients, involving journaling, personal ritual, meditations and practices for mind, body and spirit. 

We will explore any roadblocks, old stagnant stories, make changes to agreements, cut cords with pain stories, together along the way and within the support of a safe, trauma informed group setting. 

What you will need?

  • fresh notebook/exercise book for journaling, writing notes etc​

  • internet connection for zoom sessions

  • attitude and intention of commitment 

How much will this course cost?


(payment plans available

2 payments x $200AUD)


When will the journey begin?

Early 2022 - date TBC

*Times and dates may slightly vary depending on the location timezones and availability of those that register, to allow ease to participance. 

Are Scholarships available?

Yes! If you are from a demographic that you feel is usually disadvantaged from this type of access, please register your interest below too! Don't feel shy, please. It will not immediately guarantee your position but Amalya will try to accommodate to at least 2 scholarship positions.

Registration of interest

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below, payment will not be due immediately