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Hello! Amalya here, the face behind Kharisma RA. 

So, you've navigated to my 'About' page because you want to know more about who I am? What more would you like to know?

Well, I'm writing this in a personal tone because that's something super important to me. I like to be real with people, not because it's on trend but genuinely because I really can't function any other way. Ha! Obviously, I cannot be completely public about every single event or story in my life but one thing I always try to get across is that it is important for all of us to just be who we are; so that's what I'm doing. Just being me!

The journey so far:

Kharisma RA begun as a nomadic jewellery brand. I used to travel around the world (mostly around Asia), making, creating and selling jewellery along the way. That was how most of my 20s went. I had a child during that time and then, eventually became a single Mother too. There was also a lifetime that happened before then too, working in market research for 7 years whilst also studying for 5 at university too. All that showed me what kind of life I DIDN'T want to live. Since then, it's been a grand journey of self-discovery.

Life hasn't been easy, I've been through the ups and downs like most people but the biggest shattering of my life is when I became a single Mother and all that was entailed in that whole destruction and recreation of my Self. It truly was an experience I could never have imagined for myself but the whole experience brought me right into the depth of wanting to "find myself". The funny thing is, I realised in that process though, that I had never gone away. I just had to go within to re-kindle the essence of who I am!

Boy, what a journey it has been and who knows what else lays upon the horizon!

In this recreation of myself or the unveiling of my truest self, I decided that it was time I stepped into a career that has always naturally resonated with me and my personality: to become a counsellor. 

My Education:

I am just at the end of my Graduate Diploma of Counselling from the Australian College of Applied Psychology (as of Nov 2019 - just finishing off my practical placement at a Community Centre). I consider myself a Counsellor now and have been officially working online and face to face with clients for more than 6 months. I've realised in the last couple of years whilst studying counselling in the formal environment though, is that I need to incorporate and integrate my Eastern upbringing and gifts into this practice. It is the only way I can be truly authentic with the world and with myself. 

I am a natural intuitive with the ability to see deeper energetics of people and am now using this gift to assist the healing process with those that seek therapy with me. 

I was raised within an Eastern philosophical framework, meditation and energy healing has always been the norm for me. I have spent my life studying "alternative" and ancient methods of healing and maintenance of wellbeing and when I say my life, I truly mean, since I was able to read. There has been nothing else that I have enjoyed studying. 

I also have a Certificate in Mindfulness-based stress reduction, which really reminded of my true roots in this world and reminded my of my heritage. For a while there I felt triggered by the colonisation of these ancient practices of which run through my blood. I got over that hump through and have become a clearer person for it!

I did learn though, in that process, that I am an advocate for therapy that assists in decolonisation and the decolonisation of self-limiting beliefs for those that come from such backgrounds where it has affected ones identity. As I identify as a Woman of Colour, I do understand some of the difficulties that arise with this presentation and aim to help others shift through this.

I also have a Bachelor of Arts from the University of New South Wales, Australia; majoring in English and Theatre and spent 5 years at there, studying an array of subjects, from Performance, English, Educational Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology  and the like, trying to understand what it was that I truly wanted to do. I was doing a double degree for while but wanted to travel, which changed my life path.

Making jewellery is also a hands-on part of who I am now, I learned this on the road for many years. Working with crystals will always be a part of what I offer the world, especially for those that wish to adorn themselves in all that I create. I have learned so much from working with crystals!

So, that's just a little about me.

Love always,