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Hello! Amalya here, the face behind Kharisma RA. 

So, you've navigated to my 'About' page because you want to know more about who I am? What more would you like to know?

Well, I'm writing this in a personal tone because that's something super important to me. I like to be real with people, not because it's on trend but genuinely because I really can't function any other way. Ha! Obviously, I cannot be completely public about every single event or story in my life but one thing I always try to get across is that it is important for all of us to just be who we are; so that's what I'm doing. Just being me!

The journey so far:

Kharisma RA begun as a nomadic jewellery brand. I used to travel around the world (mostly around Asia), making, creating and selling jewellery along the way. That was how most of my 20s went. I had a child during that time and then, eventually became a single Mother too. There was also a lifetime that happened before then too, working in market research for 7 years whilst also studying for 5 at university too. It has all been an unfolding process, as life naturally goes. 

Life hasn't been easy, I've been through the ups and downs like most people but the biggest shattering of my life is when I became a single Mother and all that was entailed in that whole destruction and recreation of my Self. It truly was an experience I could never have imagined for myself but the whole experience brought me right into the depth of wanting to "find myself". The funny thing is, I realised in that process though, that I had never gone away. I just had to go within to re-kindle the essence of who I am!

Boy, what a journey it has been and who knows what else lays upon the horizon!

In this recreation of myself or the unveiling of my truest self, I decided that it was time I stepped into a career that has always naturally resonated with me and my personality: to become a Counsellor; with a holistic focus and strong attention to the "spiritual" aspects of the human experience. 

My Education:

I am at the end of my Graduate Diploma of Counselling from the Australian College of Applied Psychology (as of Jan 2020 - just finishing off my practical placement at a Community Centre - Graduating May 2020). 

I have been working online and face to face with clients for more than 6 months. I've realised in the last couple of years whilst studying counselling in the formal environment though, is that I need to incorporate and integrate my Eastern upbringing and gifts into this practice. It is the only way I can be truly authentic with the world and with myself. 

I am a natural intuitive with the ability to see deeper energetics of people and am now using this gift to assist the healing process with those that seek therapy with me. 

I was raised within an Eastern philosophical framework, meditation and energy healing has always been the norm for me. I have spent my life studying "alternative" and ancient methods of healing and maintenance of wellbeing. Since the age of about 8, I was raised studying under a philosophical framework of life called Radha Soami Satsang Beas (RSSB) or what is also known as "The Path of the Masters". The focus was on meditation and a moral life. It was not a religion but a philosophy of the soul, with its teaching founded on the universal teachings of Seers and Saints from all walks of life. Although I have grown and studied various other philosophies, this has been the basis of my understanding that I have branched outward from. As an adult, my personal beliefs would resonate more deeply with Buddhism, which led me deeper into mindfulness. 

I completed a Certificate in Mindfulness in 2019, with Mindfulness now becoming increasingly popular within the Western world but has its basis within Eastern Philosophy; namely Buddhism. I am an advocate of reclaiming these ancient practices and removing the stigma associated with practicing holistic therapies. 

I also have a Bachelor of Arts from the University of New South Wales, Australia; majoring in English and Theatre and spent 5 years at there, studying an array of subjects, from Performance, English, Educational Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology. The purpose was originally to teach Drama to teenagers and was doing a combined degree in Education but the travelling life was calling me, so decided to finish up my arts degree and go back to teaching later in life; which didn't end up happening! As life happens... 

Making jewellery is also a hands-on part of who I am now, I learned this on the road for many years from the Father of my child and this evolved my business into Holistic therapies too. Working with crystals will always be a part of what I offer the world, especially for those that wish to adorn themselves in all that I create. I have learned so much from working with crystals!

So, that's just a little about me.

Love always,