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1:1 sessions

Are you feeling a little bit stuck in life at the moment and seeking some more clarity? 

Or simply want to propel your life into greater pastures?

Well, you've come to the right place.

I currently offer 2 methods of working 1:1 with me:

  • Wellness Counselling - Holistic & Integrative
  • Energetic Readings

All sessions will be held ONLINE via Zoom and cater for different needs, wants and values of my clients. 

So, what's the difference in these 2 methods?

Wellness Counselling:

Often at times in life, we all need to talk to someone, to help gather our thoughts, to be seen, heard and validated. I provide a safe space dedicated to you, without judgement and in a space of deep listening. 

Wellness Counselling can and will entail a variety of different things happening within a persons life; the focus of Wellness Counselling is to assist and support a person to live a life that feels more fulfilling. This can come in a variety of ways, from unravelling subconscious beliefs developed in childhood, intergenerational storylines that might be interfering with self-worth issues and even to developing more focus to understanding which direction you might want to take your life. There are a variety of reasons a person may seek counselling, a variety of things things that might be making you feel stuck and there is no reason too big or too little, you might not even know WHY but might just feel like there is something "stuck" or blocking your path. That's what I am here to support you through, understanding and seeing through these barriers. 

One session may be enough for some people but I do feel that a good 3 sessions really builds relationship and allows space for really unpacking things that might be there. In the end, its really up to you on how you want to direct it but the closer the therapeutic relationship the more traction is usually found (and I don't just say that for the money but from experience of working with people on a consistent basis; research also suggests this too). 

Counselling is an investment to ourselves, to allow room to breathe and shift through all of the things that may bother us in life. It is amazing how much we hold inside sometimes and the relief that can be felt when we open up. Being seen and heard can be life changing. You do not have to be ashamed of anything you bring to a session. This is what the space is for.

I believe my clients are the ultimate experts of their own lives but often at times need somebody else to make sense of the streaming thoughts and processes. To begin moving from a space where you can confidently make better decisions in life from a more empowered state of being. 

I work from a Humanistic and Holistic framework, which means that I honour the clients full-spectrum of Being. Viewing clients as a whole rather than just symptoms of other causes.

I use a heart to heart, person-centred approach and I integrate different modalities of therapy depending on your unique situation because I understand that there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach.

To book a session, please email: or send a message through via the contacts tab.

Energetic Readings:

Energetic Readings function very similarly to the Counselling framework above except that it dives a little deeper into some more transpersonal aspects, going beyond set formulas and the mask of personality. 

Energetic Readings can open up deeper doorways for personal progress, with an emphasis on personal freedom and responsibility; connecting one with their own intuition. 

With your permission, I will intuitively see into your energetic/subtle energy field to see where energy might be able to be re-directed and cultivated. 

I believe that true energetic change must come from the Self first and that each individual has the capacity to change their lives on a truly deeper level; the idea of "free-will" and somewhat choosing our own paths is important to note here.

In an Energetic Reading, I do not shift the energy for you, like in other Energetic Therapies, such as Reiki, Sound Healing, Massage and the like; rather, I help you to understand which energetic areas may need more attention and may need re-balancing. However, often revealing these states can begin the process of shifting, sometimes though, some deeper energetic situations need deeper and more embodied work.

However, the mind is an extremely powerful aspect of who we are as humans, understanding our energy allows us to move from a more constructive place to make more practical changes in our lives. I am all about being proactive in our personal healing because that is where real lasting change evolves from. 

For instance, if I can see into your field and sense that you may have blockages in your creative centres, whether that be your third eye or sacral centres, we can then begin discussing issues that may be involved in why there may be blockages. To look at methods that may suit you to assist in the re-direction of this energy. This is all tailored to who YOU are and the type of lifestyle YOU live. I will not tell you what to do. You are the ultimate expert.

To book a session, please email: or send a message through via the contacts tab.


Bliss and Grace to you,

Amalya Kharisma